Caspak | Flexible Packaging | Beverages

Flexible barrier packaging extends product shelf-life and offers a cost-effective alternative to tin cans and rigid plastic containers. The low gauge, flexible packaging protects the product while offering ease of handling and storage, overall cost-savings and convenience.

From an environmental perspective, flexible packaging provides the best product to package ratio of all the packaging options – using less energy and less plastic, creating less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.


Pouches - Stand-Up


Free-standing packaging for liquids and dried goods. Often with clear window to view product. Ideal for displaying product on shelf. Common uses – soups, sauces, ready meals.

Pouches - Spouted


Free-standing packaging for liquids, sauces, pastes and ready-to-mix powders. Spouted for pouring. Ideal for displaying product on shelf. Common uses – fruit puree, stock, detergents.

Pouches - Side-Gusset/Quad-Seal


Free-standing or flat pack. Gusset creates additional depth and capacity for product. Can form block bottom. Common uses – coffee, cook-in-tray roasts, dry goods.

Pouches - Box Pouch


Flat-bottom, free-standing with additional depth and capacity for product. Offers a single fill box option to replace Box+Bag. Common uses – frozen berries, seafood, salt & pepper.

Pouches - Bag-In-Box


Bladder seated inside a box. Common uses: bulk supply of liquids or powder to the food services industry, wine for retail markets.


Reel Stock - Rewind Film/Form-Fill-Seal

Rewind Film/Form-Fill-Seal

Film supplied for high speed, automated processing. Common uses – infant formula, grated cheese, sausages, snackfoods.