Packaging innovation has always been a focus at Cas-Pak.  We were the first packaging supplier to bring the box pouch to New Zealand and last year we introduced an additional new pull tab front zipper feature which makes pouches even easier to fill. 

Box Pouch - Orchard Gold berries

Benefits of the Box

- Powerful stand up – just like a box. Spill resistance, hands-free capability

- No double packaging (eg. Bag-in-box)

- Great presentation - printable on bottom and side gusset panels.  Impressive-looking even when horizontally stacked

- See-through gusset enables contents to be viewed

- Top-folded side gussets - easier filling process. No mess at gussets

- Clear film can be partially used as a see-through feature – product level visible to consumers

- Reclosable pull tab zipper gives protection ability

- Reduced weight and amount of waste - new-generation alternative to plastic or glass

- More volume with the same area - less shipping fees


Take a look at this Ffowcs Williams recent video clip promoting the innovative middle zip feature.