Thermoformer Machine BakeworksComing up with enough capital to grow your business can be a struggle.  When Bakeworks needed a new thermoformer machine, business director Kirsten Unger turned to a partnership between Vemag and Cas-Pak to help them out.

 “We’d been looking at upgrading to a thermoformer machine to boost volumes and reduce downtime.  We had just put in some new ovens and couldn’t afford another big investment up front, so Vemag introduced us to Cas-Pak.  They came up with a three year deal which meant that we could commission the machine straight away,” said Kirsten.

The packing process at Bakeworks has been transformed from a hands-on multi-step process to an efficient single step.  “Now we just slice the loaves and the machine does the rest.  We’re also using less gas to flush the packaging and are getting an additional five to six days of shelf-life.”

While waiting for the machine to be built and shipped in from Germany, Bakeworks worked with Cas-Pak to redesign their packaging across the whole gluten-free bakery range.  The result is a strong, coherent look that displays well on the shelf. Bakeworks

“The supermarkets have been really positive and love the new look and feel,” continued Kirsten.  “Dealing with Cas-Pak has meant we’ve been able to get the machine a couple of years’ early, making us more competitive in the market.  Everything has gone so smoothly that I keep looking for the catch – luckily, there doesn’t seem to be one!”