ANUGA- The world’s leading food fair

Cas-Pak’s owner Harry Zwalue was in Cologne between the 5th and 9th October attending ANUGA – the European food and beverage trade fair which brings together ten specialist trade fairs under one roof.  The event attracted 155,000 buyers from 187 different countries.  There were 6,777 exhibitors showing off their products at the ‘international food and beverage trading hub’ 

This year’s event focused on food trends with particular attention on gourmet products/regional specialities, Halal food, organic products, vegetarian products, health and functional food, Kosher products, finger food, ingredients and products based on fair trade food.  Convenience food was a major theme.

New Products in ten categories

Product innovation generates important momentum for the food industry globally, so ANUGA asked a panel of specialist journalists to select 53 products for a special show focusing on what’s new in the industry.

The categories were Fine Food, Drinks, Meat, Frozen Food, Chilled & Fresh Food, Dairy, Bread Bakery & Hot Beverages, Organic, RetailTec, Food Service.

The winners in each section were:

Fine Food

Anuga 2013 Fine Food winner

‘Chorizo al Minuto’ can be prepared in the microwave within a minute. The result is a traditional Spanish pork sausage with a slightly smoked touch.  A 100% natural additive-free product.





Anuga 2013 Drinks WinnerFunctional Drink - 2B RELAXED

Lifestyle Trading GmbH & Co. KG
2B RELAXED - Relaxing and regenerative wellness drink with hops- and lemon balm extract, topped off with honey and a fruit mix of pomegranate, banana, apricot, cranberry, and the amino acid L-tryptoph



Annuga 2013 Meat WinnerChicken Waves Paprika

Micarna SA
A hearty snack made from the finest lean cuts, smoked, dried and sprinkled with paprika seasoning.



Frozen Food

Anuga 2013 Frozen Food WinnerChili Mango Prawns

Golden Fresh
Succulent butterfly prawns spread with a spicy mango chili jam and hand crumbed in a special firecracker system.


 Chilled & Fresh Food

Baron Banana Ketchup

Baron Foods Ltd.

This unique ketchup of bananas and exotic herbs and spices produce an authentic Caribbean flavor.



Anuga 2013 Dairy WinnerCheestrings Spaghetti (2nd place)

Kerry Foods
Mozzarella cheese containing a lot of milk and calcium in an original and surprising snack format; a small nest made off long and thin cheese Spaghetti.

Bread, Bakery & Hot Beverages

Annuga 2013 Bread, Bakery WinnerApricot boat with buttercrumble

Guschlbauer Backwaren GmbH
Danish pastry boats with butter crumble, filled with creamy quark and topped with a juicy apricot, ready to bake.



Anuga 2013 Organic WinnerErdbär Freche Freunde vegetable wafers - Carrot and parsnip

Speaking Products GmbH
Crispy cookies with more than 50% vegetables. Perfect as a crunchy snack on the go or at home. A recipe with lots of vegetables, very little salt, baked, not fried.  Handy in a recloseable carton pack.



Food Service

Anuga 2013 Food Service WinnerHasta la Pizza - Pizza on a Stick!

Hasta La Pizza srl
Easily be prepared in the toaster, in a frying pan or in a conventional oven.  It can also be eaten at room temperature as it is already pre-cooked.